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Welcome to SCSC Alumni page


This page is dedicated to communicating with alumni and friends of SCSC, as well as preserving the rich history and unparalleled legacy of this great club.

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Santa Clara Olympians during 2006 International Meet
Santa Clara Swim Club Olympians during the 2006 Alumni Reunion


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Out of the Blue is a regular monthly feature in our club newsletter that showcases
SCSC alumni stories of inspiration, motivation and humor.

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SCSC Alum named Southern Pacific Masters Association (SPMA) 2008 Coach of the Year

Lynn Vidali-Gautschi is in Business

Mike Bottom named Head Coach of Michigan

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Plans to organize a 1968 Mexico City Olympic Team Reunion are in the works....


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Memories ~ By George! ~ Where are they now? ~ Reunion Recap ~
Good As Gold ~ Olympic Connections ~ Lost & Found ~
~ In Loving Memoriam ~

SCSC Alum named Southern Pacific Masters Association (SPMA) 2008 Coach of the Year

SCSC Alum named Southern Pacific Masters Association (SPMA) 2008 Coach of the Year
Nancy Kirkpatrick-Reno, early 1970's SCSC alum, was just presented the 2008 Coach of the Year award for the Southern Pacific Masters Association. Check out the terrific article on Nancy at: http://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/lane9/news/21047.asp

Lynn Vidali-Gautschi is in Business
Two-time SCSC Olympian, Lynn Vidali-Gautschi (1968 & 1972) has started her own line of swimmer shampoo and conditioner! For more than a decade, Lynn has dreamed of developing a product to combat the chlorine-damaged hair that plagues swimmers. Working with a chemist, she's created Swimpoo. Check it out at: http://swimpoo.com/

Mike Bottom named Head Coach of Michigan
SCSC Olympian Mike Bottom, a world-class sprint coach for many years, was named Head Coach of the University of Michigan. Check it out here: http://www.mgoblue.com/swimming-diving-m/coachbio.aspx?id=141374

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55 Year Reunion & Tribute to George Haines Recap:

The three day celebration June 23, 24 & 25, 2006 was an enormous success, far exceeding all expectations! The event fairly glowed all weekend as hundreds team mates, fans, coaches, SCSC family members reconnected, reunited and reminisced!

On Friday, June 23rd, folks from all over the country started arriving at the George F. Haines International Swim Center. Olympian after Olympian, alumnus after alumnus spanning half a century checked in. Wayne Anderson, Jenny Bartz, Brent Berk, Joe Bottom, Lynn Burke, Steve Clark, Donna de Varona, Sharon Finneran, Kurt Grote, Linda Gustavson, Paul Hait, Jan Henne, Cathy Jameson, Linda Jezek, Brian Job, Suzy Jones, Claudia Kolb, Karen Moe, Pablo Morales, Dick Roth, Keena Rothhammer, Don Schollander, Terri Stickles, Jane Swagerty, Ed Townsend, Lynn Vidali, Chris von Saltza, Anne Warner, Pokey Watson, and Tom Wilkens were SCSC Olympians in attendance this weekend!

All were introduced on a very warm Friday afternoon, and presented with a special SCSC Olympian jacket, followed by a rousing re-creation of Opening Ceremonies with the synchronized swimmers on surfboards, carrying international flags, floating the length of the 50 M pool, while our national anthem played. It was stunning!

At the Saturday Gala Dinner, many current elite athletes and top coaches from this years International Meet paid their respects, including Michael Phelps, Klete Keller, Natalie Coughlin and Brendan Hansen; as well as coaches Bob Bowman, Eddie Reese, and Jack Bauerle.

It was a magical evening with Donna de Varona as Master of Ceremonies. Panelists included Kurt Grote, Tom Wilkens, Pablo Morales, Julie Varozza de Fabrique, Linda Jezek Wittwer, Nancy Kirkpatrick Reno, Jeff Freeman, Kurt Krumpholz, Steve Clark, Chris von Saltza Olmstead, Lynn Burke, Claudia Kolb Thomas and Anne Warner Cribbs.

Special guests speakers included former Australian super-coach, Forbes Carlile, former USC coach, Peter Daland and George's daughter, Kerry Haines Derr.

Emotions ran high, as a superb video shown throughout the evening captured fifty five years of SCSC history, and paid the utmost honor to our great founder, George Haines. Those emotions were not isolated to alumni only. Even those in attendance who did not swim, or who are among our young current swimmers felt as though they, too, were part of the incredible pride of SCSC as the warmth and greatness of George and his unparalleled legacy came through.

It was an event that will be remembered and cherished forever by those in attendance. Our goal in putting together this special weekend was threefold; to reconnect with our roots, to unite the past with the present and to ignite the dreams of the future.

This Reunion Event was just the first step in taking SCSC into the next 55 years of glory. We hope everyone in attendance stays in touch, and helps spread the word that SCSC is alive, thriving and looking forward to the exciting future with our young swimmers of today!"

Many thanks to the outstanding Reunion Planning Committee, to our sponsors and to the alumni who went above and beyond in their help: Brian Job, Nancy Kirkpatrick, Theresa MacDonald, and Donna de Varona!


Memories....light the corner of my mind....

Do you have a favorite SCSC story or memory to share? A significant purpose of the Reunion next summer will be to celebrate our SCSC experiences! Help us preserve those stories and memories! Whether you are an alumni, parents of alumni, friends of SCSC or a former coach; please send your SCSC story or stories to me at scscalumni@santaclaraswimclub.org

By George!


George Haines died May 1, 2006. A bronze statue at the pool, is a memorial to George as he continues to watch over the Santa Clara swimmers.

Where are they?

If you have contact information for any of the following SCSC swimmers, please contact Cynthia Owens @ scscalumni@santaclaraswimclub.org!

Gary Illman
Mike Wall
Geoff Cronin
Kim Worley
Mary Mahaney
Jane Wilson
Holidae Vig
Brad Anderson
Eve Cuny
Holly Edwards*
Megan Edwards*
Tom Angelo *
Tim Broderick
Leslie Bryans
Craig Conrad*
Cookie Arrigi *
Richard Cook *
Sara Peterson
Craig VanZant
Diane Gentes
Lee Davis
Susie Stodgehill
Jon Olsen
Katharine Ellyard

Good As Gold

Santa Clara Swim Club superstars continued to shine at the inaugural Golden Goggle Awards on November 15, 2004. The event was billed as the competitive swimming equivalent to the Oscars. The gala was sponsored by USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport. American swimmers were presented the most prestigious awards, including Male and Female Swimmer of the Year.

Santa Clara Swim Club alumni were among the star studded presenters. Our own Donna de Varona, Pablo Morales and Mark Spitz, along with other swimming superstars, presented the coveted awards.

Congratulations to Donna, Pablo and Mark! For more details about the gala, see SPLASH Magazine’s January 2005 issue.


Olympic Connections
"...Nineteen Olympic medallists have either trained in or called our City their home. More than a dozen of these medallists trained and competed at our George F. Haines International Swim Center. These athletes and Olympians included such individuals as Mark Spitz, Pablo Morales, Keena Rothhammer, and Tom Wilkins..." read morehttp://www.ci.santa-clara.ca.us/about_us/history09.html

Lost & Found
Two precious scrap books belonging to the Haines family were loaned out several years ago and are missing. The Haines family and SCSC family would be extremely grateful to have them returned. No questions asked! If you have the scrap books or know where they are, please notify me at scscalumni@santaclaraswimclub.org, or simply return the scrap book(s) to Cynthia Owens, 311 Madrone Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95051



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